3 Nov

HTML5 & CSS3 Introduction

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Html5 is combination of HTML5 markup/features, CSS3 style and javascript interactivity/animation.

HTML5 Family covers:

  • HTML5 “core “: New structural and semantic markup.
  • CSS3 (Support for animation and much more)
  • Geo location
  • Canvas
  • Web Storage
  • Drag and Drop

HTML5 addresses current limitations such as multimedia (without browser plugins), data storage, graphics.

In the new semantic markup, HTML5 reduces dependence on <div> tags and introduces readable page elements.

New structural elements:

  • <header>
  • <footer>
  • <nav>
  • <section>
  • <article>
  • <aside>

New Input types: email, search, url, rel.


<audio> and <video>

Enable native audio and video format. No browser plugin required.


Resolution dependent bitmap canvas, which can be used for rendering visual images (charts, game, graphics) on the fly, in the browser.


HTML5 and CSS3 work hand in hand. Many HTML5 experiences include css3 features

  • CSS Transition and Animation
  • 2d & 3d transformation
  • Background, Borders, RGB colors, Gradients
  • Box and Text Shadows
  • Media Queries
  • Web Fonts
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