4 Nov

Twitter Bootstrap–Introduction

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Twitter Bootstrap provides powerful set of CSS and Javascript. This comes with lot of UI components – dropdowns, button groups, navs, breadcrumbs etc. It is a very helpful tool for creating screen prototypes and websites. And one of the most popular front-end framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web. Bootstrap provides lot of style elements.

Twitter Bootstrap can be installed in 3 ways.

1. Download the package with minified css, javascript and fonts

2. Bootstrap CDN

3. Install with Bower

When you download from http://getbootstrap.com/ and unzip the files. There will be three folders:

    • CSS – there are two types of CSS : Responsive CSS, Non Responsive CSS
    • Img
    • JS – 13 custom jquery plugins, Modal window, dropdown menus

How to install CDN version:

Bootstrap  CDN from official website below. Copy first two links in head and third link in body.


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